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Portable Winboard 4.5b + Houdini 1.5a update 3

  • Release Date: January 2011
    Submitted By: gardelin
    Submitted On: 1/17/11 12:02 PM
    Category: Playing & Engines
    Publisher: Various
    OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    License: Free
    Filename: Winboard45b.zip
    File Size: 3.5058MB
    Downloads: 14395
  • 10 votes: +++++/-


Updated: 17.01.2011. (Houdini updated to new version 1.5a)

Portable setup of Winboard 4.5 beta (master build 01.01.2011.) with two strongest free chess engines:
Houdini 1.5a ( stronger than Rybka4, see IPON rating list at: www.inwoba.de )
and Stockfish 2.0.1 (also very strong), for game analysis, and two much weaker chess engines (Delfi 4.5 and Phalanx) with variable strenght for training.

With Winboard you can play against chess engines, analyze/view games, play online chess (on internet chess servers like freechess.org),
or you can match two engines to play each other.
In Winboard 4.5b there are lot of new features, like ICS seek graph (in Internet Chess Server mode just click on an empty square and you will see seek graph), exploring variations, walking through engine main variation, etc.

Also included in this setup:

- Performance.bin opening book for UCI engines
- Small 3 piece Nalimov endgame tablebase
- Nice selection of pgn games
- Wooden, Marble and Green Marble board textures
- Chess Merida Font for representing chess pieces

NOTE: I am not author of software/data included in this zip file, I merely collected free stuff
and put it together in a way I like to use it.
I hope I have not violated any license or something like that.
For bugs and questions see references in readme1st.txt

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 Houdini 1.5a: http://www.cruxis.com/download/Houdini_15a.zip free download

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